A Fabulous Start to Fall

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Anyone else thankful to get a break from the heat?  The past few mornings have been the most wonderful kind of chilly and Dave keeps repeating “It smells like Fall outside” over and over again.

Needless to say, Dave’s class and work schedule have been quite an adjustment over the past few weeks, but this weekend brought a much welcomed break from the figuring-it-all-out.  Four of five of Dave’s siblings and their families came to visit on Friday night and my heart was filled to maximum capacity.

We took all six kiddos with us to dinner…

Spears Night Out

…shaved a brother’s beard in stages…

Adam Beard

…and realized that the little ones love the alcohol as much as their parents and aunts and uncles.

Spears Babies

now don’t you get your knickers in a bunch. they obviously didn’t consume any.

What an awesome night.  We don’t get to see each other all the time, so it was incredible to be together even if just for a little while.  Chatting and playing and dreaming big dreams together just did something very, very good to my soul.

Saturday was literally uneventful (except for getting Chinese takeout and watching The Holiday with Dave after he got off) so we’ll skip right over that.

Sunday brought with it a gorgeous morning so I took full advantage and took a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  The afternoon was spent watching football, and then D and I went to the latest of late Masses after he was off from work.  Here’s what I wore since you’re pining:


you see the little alcove I’m leaning on? favorite part of our place.

Dress and sandals // Macy’s

Now Monday is approaching like a freight train and I’m praying the kids will be wonderful little minions and get this week’s party started on the right foot.  Three weeks until Fall break, woot!

How was your weekend?  Will the Fall be relaxed for you or even busier than the summer?

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  1. I love your

  2. outfit! It looks Mmmm Mmm on you! 😉 And it was great seeing the sibs together! What a great way to start the fall season! 🙂

  3. Very cute, dress! Simple, but it has several things going on with in the fabric, so you don’t need all the extras!

  4. Thanks for linking up, Olivia! Aren’t those visits with family the best?! They remind me why I want my kids to have siblings galore!

  5. Break from the heat??! What break from the heat??!


    Looks like such a fabulous time with family. Jealous!

  6. That dress. Me like. And Fall? I have been going outside after being trapped inside by the Summer heat. No me gusta cuando hace calor!

  7. I see it! I see the alcove!
    ~ Clara

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