Marian Monday: Star of the Sea

What better way to kick off the work week than to talk about Our Lady?  I’ll admit, to tackle this topic, even in an abbriviated way, is a bit intimidating.  There is no amount of time we could spend discussing the Mother of God that would addequately scrape the tip of the iceberg that is the beauty that Mary encompasses.  But to not speak (write?) of her at all would be even more tragic.

One of the images of Mary that is closest to my heart is she as the Star of the Sea.  Mary, Star of the Sea has been incredibly influential in my own life, and I truly do not know where my relationship with Christ would be if it were not for her intercession.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn’t she lovely?

I am particularly fond of the image of the Church as a boat.  It speaks to the reality of the world and the reality of the human heart.  As a member of the Church, and therefore a metaphorical passenger in the metaphorical boat, I have embarked upon a voyage that brings both illuminating, awe-some horizons and dark, stormy nights.  The beauty captured in the picture above, and the beauty of Mary in general, is that God allows her to serve as the constant light to which we are to direct the boat.  She is literally clothed in the light of Christ.  No matter if life brings smooth-sailing or rocky waves,  Mary is the Star that leads us to Jesus’ Heart of love.

Her whole mission is to guide us to her Son.  Everything about Mary’s being points to Christ.  As our Mother, she is constantly offering to gather us in her arms and bring us directly, safely, and swiftly into the arms of the Triune God.  What a gift we have in her.  In my experience, Mary, Star of the Sea, is not overshadowed by even the darkest of nights on the lonliest and most unpredictable seas.  Rather, it is when the nights are the darkest that the brightness of this Star is at its most radiant.  Our Lord promised His presence among us until the end of the age.  He does not leave us orphan; rather, through various avenues, He is always drawing us closer to Himself.  Let us praise Him, then, who never ceases to give us His light through His most humble mother.  Let us continue our journey toward the shores of Heaven, guided by the Star of the Sea.

Ave Maris Stella.  Hail, bright Star of ocean.

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  1. love this.

  2. I really love that picture. Do you know how I could purchase one? My mother has a house on the Gulf and would love to give her this for Christmas?

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